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Couple Goals: Expressing Your Love Unvoiced

I urge all mommy’s and daddy’s to get in here because this little article and video was inspired by them. You know when you hear about spicing up your marriage in order for things to be sweeter and you feel young again? Well, how do you expect to feel young when you don’t act young? One very important way to spice up your marriage or relationship is to show it off. You don’t necessarily have to make noise about it, you could let your actions do the noise making. I always enjoy looking at couples in the same outfit. It brings this un-explainable bond between them and even people around them wishing they were them. Slay together in the same outfits and I don’t mean grandma’s outfit, I’m talking trending styles and attires. Here is a video of what I mean. Show of your bond and love with your outfit. Let it do the talking.


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